Sculpt + Cycle at BodyRok

BodyRok Marina

the skinny: BodyRok is a reformer-based Pilates and cycling studio in the Marina. The studio offers separate 40-minute cycling and reformer classes, and a signature 50-minute Sculpt + Cycle combo class that combines lower-body focused cycling with Sculpt’s core-focused resistance training. Check out the schedule here, and book your classes early – they fill up fast!

where: 2128 Lombard St. (at Fillmore)
wear: tight leggings
perks: lockers

instructor: Ashley (cycle) and Jake (sculpt)
cost: $10 first class / $35 drop-in


BodyRok Marina

A friend told me awhile ago this was the hardest workout she had ever done in San Francisco. After taking the Sculpt + Cycle class at BodyRok last week, I can definitely say she was not exaggerating. The class I took was hosted by NetGym, a San Francisco-based fitness app, and mirrored BodyRok’s regular Sculpt + Cycle combo class with 25 minutes of spin followed by 25 minutes of sculpting on the reformers.

I signed up for the class with some friends, and we arrived with a few minutes to check out the studio and hang out before class started. The Marina studio is basically one long room, with a section in the front to store your stuff, a big, open middle space with the reformers, and a small spin room in the back. It’s pretty light on amenities, but has the basics.

The class started off with a quick intro to the instructors before they divided everyone into two groups, one to do cycling first and the other to do spin first (I think they usually have one instructor lead both, and move from cycle to sculpt). I headed to the spin room first, which was dark and already hot from the class before us, so once they shut the door I felt a little claustrophobic. After Ashley got everyone set up on their spin bikes and the music going, I forgot all about it because I was too busy concentrating on how tough the spin class was. I’m not a huge fan of cycling (indoors or out), so I didn’t love this portion of the class, but I definitely appreciated Ashley’s enthusiasm and how hard the class was for only being 25 minutes long.

BodyRok Marina

After working up a serious sweat with Ashley, we headed into the main studio for the sculpt part of the class. Jake gave us a quick run down of how to use the reformers, and we started off with a series of core exercises that BURNED. We did a few different variations of planks, pikes, sit-ups, and 100s, then moved into some arm and leg exercises. The combination of the resistance on the moving reformer and Jake having us do each move until it was basically impossible to do any more made this part of the class just as sweaty as the spin part was. While I’m not a Pilates expert (it was my second reformer class) a friend I was with told me the reformer classes at BodyRok were a lot harder than most others she’s taken.

BodyRok Marina

50 minutes later, the workout was done and we took a group shot (note to self, wearing a grey cotton tank top to a sweaty workout is not a good idea), before heading out. The next morning I woke up with the most sore abs I’ve ever gotten from a workout, and confirmed with my friends that took the class with me that they were just as sore. Workout success!

So, would you try a combo workout? Do you think more studios should offer them?

San Francisco Giant Race 2014

Giant Race

the race: If you’re a Giants fan (or a fan of baseball at all), this is the race for you. After running what might be the flattest race course in San Francisco (and one of the prettiest!) runners cross the finish line for this race on the field in AT&T Park, high five Lou Seal, then have the chance to hang out on the field and in the dug outs. The race is on its 5th year in San Francisco (there’s also races in San Jose and Arizona!) and benefits Project Open Hand. Check out the website here if you want to register for next years’ race!

where: AT&T Park, 2nd & King
when: September 7, 2014
run: kid’s run, 5K, 10K and half

perks: Giants bobblehead, tech tee, FLAT!
cost: from $35 for the 5K to $95 for the half


the expo: The expo for this race was a breeze to go through! I headed over Friday after work fully expecting to have to wait in line, walked through the gates at AT&T park, and made my way around the park collecting all the parts of my race packet – bib, tech tee, and fun extras (Buster Posey bobblehead!). The tech tee for this race was great! Giants colors and a fun logo, plus it came in men and womens’ sizes. One downside to the expo was the lack of safety pins. I got the last three at the table for bibs, and another friend mentioned she didn’t see any at all. Luckily, I was able to pull an extra off an old race bib.

SF Giant Race

race day: I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to get over to AT&T Park for the 7am start time (the 5K started a little later, at 11am). I had plans to meet up with some friends before and managed to find them in the parking lot. After an obligatory pre-race pic, we headed to our corrals and got ready to run!

My corral was a mix of half marathon runners and 10K runners (I ran the 10K), so there were a few half marathon pacers spread throughout, which was awesome. I’m pretty horrible at pacing myself, so I found the half marathon pacer that would be running the pace I was aiming for and followed her until we reached the turn-around point for the 10K.

The Giant Race course is an out and back along the San Francisco Bay, and is completely flat with great views of the Bay Bridge, downtown, and the Ferry Building. The first half of the race flew by! Right after the turn-around, around mile 4.5, we started running into (literally) runners from the corrals behind ours. While there were cones lining the middle of the street, everyone from the later start corrals was running on both sides of the cones, forcing everyone coming back to run in a line or on the sidewalk for portions. It wasn’t ideal, but the congestion only lasted for about a mile and a half before it thinned out and we were headed around the ballpark.

photo 2-1

The finish of this race was one of the best I’ve participated in. After running into the stadium, high-fiving Lou Seal, and crossing the finish line, you’re free to explore the park. I immediately headed for food (bagels, almonds, a smoothie sample, and a PowerBar), then hung out in the grass watching the broadcast of racers crossing the finish line. I also checked out the dug outs and infield before heading home.

San Francisco Giant Race

Despite some race course congestion, this race was one of the most fun ones I’ve done. It’s a great course to aim for a PR on because it’s so flat (I ran my fastest 10K yet!), the crowd is full of amped-up Giants fans in orange and black, and the finish line can’t be beat.

Have you ran any races with unique finish lines? Tell me about them!  

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